The pace of a principal’s workload slows down when kids and staff leave the building, but we are still hard at work planning, and learning no matter the time of year. Summertime provides an amazing opportunity to reflect and recharge. This summer more than ever, we all need to take a deep breath to enjoy the extra time we have to connect with loved ones, play games with our families, or maybe even dance in the rain to savor the joy of the moment. I’ll be off soon for a few weeks to take a break, but I am always reading no matter the time of year.

Summer gives me more time to tackle the stacks of books I have collected over the year. This summer, I am taking some time to slow down and ponder what I truly want to learn before I begin reading. Here’s a stack of books I have sitting next to my computer at home.

If you’ve read any of them, I’d love to know what you’d recommend (and I always love new book recommendations). I hope to share a few ideas from some of the books I read on my upcoming posts and if it keeps raining every day, maybe I’ll find some time to dance.

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